Great Adventures with Materials: Education for a Recycling Society (GAMES)

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In the distant future…

In the distant future, an intergalactic garbage truck crashes into a remote asteroid. Now it is up to you, the spaceship’s superhuman AI, to make repairs. You will have to sort, sift, and separate your way through the so-called worthless cargo. Should you find your way back home, the lessons you learned along the way might just start a revolution in our thinking about what “garbage” really is.

CosmiClean receives educational award

Comenius Edu-Media Seal

Cosmiclean has been nominated for the 2020 Belgian Game Awards

Serious Games Category

Partners’ thoughts

Jean-Luc Dubois, Arkema:

“The challenge in the development of any recycling value chain is to be able to collect enough material to be able to build a plant with sustainable economics. This is even more true for high value materials such as plastics materials because relatively smaller volumes have been produced than for the commodity plastics. I expect that the serious GAMES will contribute, with fun and entertainment, to educate the next generation with basic principles of good design and recycling practices”.

Alain Molinard, BASF:

“Supporting the research and development in a project such as GAMES, is important since it clearly focusses on the sustainability engagement of the chemical industry.
The game builds a bridge between academic insights in modern Learning and Development, the vision and values of the chemical industry and most important: young students, interested in science and technics, who are the future generation for both industry and academics.”

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