Our Project

Nowadays, people are encouraged to sort some of their domestic waste as a first step to recycle the collected material. The importance of a correct sorting for an optimal recycling process is, however, not clear. “Plastics are plastics, no?”, is a commonly heard remark and the final outcomeof their sorting efforts is only communicated through sparse information in flyers or short-term media campaigns.

To increase the awareness of the importance of recycling (and the separation steps that precede it), this project develops an attractive mobile game for the education of the wider society on the recycling of materials. These games will be accessible and fun for inexperienced players, i.e. people having no affinity with recycling or games, as well as for experienced players, e.g. chemical/material engineering students. By playing on these two levels, not only the general public but also youngsters and children are reached, with a view to raising enthusiasm for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and a Recycling Society.